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In case you filled out the form below and received a quote from us; if we don't call you or text you within a 30-minute time period, send a text message to us by providing the name and a reference number that you received in your email, text, or even call us with that information. Your time is valuable to us, and we want to make sure we use the time you give us to provide you with outstanding service. Our websites are secured, and your privacy is respected. If you have a coupon, you can use it only once. Don't try to use it twice because we monitor this type of activity in our platform. You can pay online on both of our platforms, but we recommend you utilize the second one to make a payment with your card or ask us to send a link to your mobile number. The first one sometimes takes longer for us to verify your information. Call or text us if you are encountering any problem.

Be aware, you can no longer pay the driver directly. Cash payment can be only received in our store or by our special drivers. All payments must be authorized by your bank or your credit card company before the trip. Your payment can be refunded if the driver has canceled your request. If the driver accepts your request and you choose to cancel after the driver has arrived, you will be charged for that cancellation. We have the right to deduct the cancellation fee from your actual trip amount already received for the entire trip before we can refund your money back to your card. If you are paying with cash to our special driver, and our cash special driver has arrived at the pickup location and you are a no show. You will be banned from future our services. All cash individuals are required to submit a government identification prior to the trip. If you are a foreigner, we authorize your country driver's license accompanied by your IDL or IDP. If you don't have one already you can apply for one with us Here. You can buy credits for rides/taxis or Delivery or any item we have in our store. Click to buy credit with your card. Or stop by our location. 

This is why we are the preferred operator in our area for transportation. 

Our Taxi/ Delivery Privileges


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